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CityAM for CNBC

February 7th 2011
Rising commodity prices have further to go

December 20th 2010
Emerging markets can give us all Christmas cheer

November 8th 2010
Rest of the world itches for a fight with US

August 9th 2010
It’s time to stop gloomy talk of a double dip


March 26th 2009
Roubini Says Stocks Will Drop as Banks Go ‘Belly Up’ (Update2)

The Globalist

October 2nd 2006
Book Buying — It’s a Wrap!

August 7th 2006
India — No Longer a Diamond in the Rough

July 13th 2006
Bombs, Mayhem and the Lifeline of a City

July 10th 2006
TV Soaps and the Changing Face of India

July 3rd 2006
Monsoons Come to Washington

The Financial Express / The Indian Express

February 3rd 2003
AV Birla group to speed up its China operations

December 29th 2002
TATA, not bye-bye

November 30th 2002
“The Strategy Of Tata Coffee Is To Convert Itself Into An FMCG Company”

November 24th 2002
Long Drive With Hyundai’s Latest Offerings

September 9th 2002
Informal RoC points out slew of violations

August 30th 2002
TFL Oct 2000 Presentation To Brass Bared The Rot

August 30th 2002
Ethics Panel Member Was On TFL Board

August 28th 2002
TFL Staff Cool Heels In General Pool

August 20th 2002
The TFL saga: Page 60 says how Niskalp guzzled funds

July 15th 2002
‘Walk The Talk. That’s The Best Way To Make Things Happen’

May 20th 2002
‘Taste, Touch And Feel… That’s What The (Tea) Market Needs’

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