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I catch up with the biggest names in business, economics and politics in Europe – every fortnight – on Euronews’s ‘Real Economy’. On the show, I look forward rather than back – Focussing on ‘Real’ Solutions for ‘Real’ People! Interspersed with animations and 3D graphics to simplify and explain key economic fundamentals and stories that take viewers on a trip across Europe’s cities, towns and villages; The show is centered around my frank chats with Europe’s Do’ers and Thinkers about their ideas, on how to move the global economy toward sustainable growth.  Real Economy is a pioneer show both on television and online, as it takes on  complex macroeconomics, making it relevant for a general  international audience. The show has completed 3 seasons or 49 episodes. It is currently in hiatus, in preparation for its fourth year and fourth season in 2016.

You can catch my guests address the most critical issues we face today, in the hot seat, every fortnight on Euronews in 13 languages and also online at:


March 11th 2014
David McWilliams In The Hot Seat
Ireland really rolled out the emerald carpet for my trip to cover – surprise surprise, the housing market! My cameramen swore it was the first sunny day on the rather wet island,  in three months! Pottering about Dalkey & Killiney was an absolute joy! I sneaked a peak at Bono’s house, Enya’s rather large gate more...

February 26th 2014
Seijiro Takeshita In The Hot Seat
International Investors have had a love-hate relationship with Europe for the past few years and who can blame them! A distinct lack of cohesion during the crisis would put the bravest of the brave in a questioning mode! But things are changing. Central banks are coordinating globally, markets are getting their risk appetite back and more...

February 11th 2014
Valdis Dombrovskis In The Hot Seat
-15 to -18 C is not the best time to head to Latvia. It is also probably the worst time to shoot a mostly outdoor show. Thankfully, none of us suffered hypothermia or frostbite; though we all did manage to get irritating sicknesses like the flu and ear infections! Lesson learnt! Even the Latvians don’t more...

January 28th 2014
Sandra Polaski In The Hot Seat
Getting Old, its an inconvenient truth – especially when you see projections of people over the age of 80 tripling between 2011 and 2060. And its controversial to boot – since you can’t really get away from topics like healthcare spending, pensions, unemployment and even migration. So, I travelled to Geneva to meet Sandra Polaski, more...

January 14th 2014
Vindi Banga In The Hot Seat
Almost one out of five consumers in the EU can’t even afford some of the most basic things we need. But on the flip side luxury goods have never done better – So, are we really changed as consumers? I managed a coup – getting one of the big fish in the private equity world more...

December 17th 2013
Angel Gurria In The Hot Seat
Today’s global economy is structured around value chains , with goods crossing borders multiple times as inputs, transforming progressively into the final product. So, to understand the issues of globalization and competitiveness, I traveled to Paris and caught up with Angel Gurria, Secretary General of the OECD and began by asking him – How globally more...

December 3rd 2013
Emma Marcegaglia In The Hot Seat
This week the show travelled to Berlin and then onto Amsterdam – talking about Competitiveness within the European Union – of both companies and countries. I caught up with Emma Marcegaglia – famously known as Italy’s woman of steel – Co-CEO of the Marcegaglia Group and President of Business Europe in Berlin and I began more...

November 19th 2013
Johannes Hahn In The Hot Seat
Regional Economics isn’t often brought up when we read our papers and look at the good and bad news on television. So, the show trekked around Europe with me headed first to Andalucia in Spain, then to Brussels to explore what is really happening on the ground. Regions like Andalucia and their growth matter because more...

November 5th 2013
Sharon Bowles In The Hot Seat
Talk Banking Union and Europe and the first person that comes to mind for a frank and honest chat is a woman I think is the toughest chick on the block – Sharon Bowles, MEP! A cuppa in the shadow of St. Paul’s made for one of the most interesting conversations I’ve ever had. We more...

October 22nd 2013
Jean-Paul Fitoussi & Jacques Attali In The Hot Seat
I had the luck of the Irish when I decided to do an episode on the ‘State of Bank Lending’ and how that potentially could make or break the European growth story. I managed to corner two of France’s most respected economists, Jacques Attali & Jean-Paul Fitoussi and decided that both their voices were critical more...

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